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The practice of keeping the rarest of the animal captive for exhibition can be traced back to the ancient days in the Middle East. In this case, a few of the animals, which were quite rarer to be seen, were either captured by the people of the area, or were presented to the kings and the princes, at times also to the powerful and the wealthy as a barter for some or the other reason, and the people who got it in the form of the gifts, used to put it up as a collection of something, which showed their new status. With the advent of the modern days, a few human beings who were very interested in the collection of newer and rarer species of animals kept collecting the animals, and stocked them up in places, which gave birth to the concept of the zoos that we all enjoy going to. But tragedy gets the better of us when we actually delve deeply into the zoo animals' cruelty statistics, with endless pain and torture being inflicted on the poor, innocent creatures and in the absence of their voices to express their concern over the barbaric acts.

In order to mint money out of the whole business, the selfish humans stock the poor animals up in places which have a constraint of proper spaces, as well as adequate amount of hygienic food and water supplies, and veterinary facilities to take care of the ailing animals. The state of the places where these poor animals are kept is so pitiful that at times, they are seen to be in places, wherein there is a continuous disturbance of traffic, that is to say, the so called zoos, are located in places, which are just on the roadside, with end number of vehicles plying on the road almost throughout the entire day. The worst is the scene of the animals, which have to bear the suffering of being kept in places, which are nothing but just the private backyard of some person, and hardly any place left for the animals to defecate in different places than the place of living. These so called zoos directly go against the basic rights of the animals, with almost no concern being shown towards their mental as well as physical health and well being.

To get access to young animals which are generally easier to keep for the less quantities of food that they eat, and the less space they need to live, and which are believed and have also shown better results in acquiring different tricks while training, the parents of the young animal is sometimes put to death. This is nothing but a crime. And the people who are a part of this business feel that they are contributing to the cause of preserving the extinct species of animals by keeping them protected in their confined places. The lives of these trapped animals in the jungles are a complete opposite to that of their lives in the confined places or the zoos, which leads to many an abnormal behavior in the animals. This confinement in the unnatural place completely hampers their mental health, leading to abnormal symptoms of behavior such as self mutilation syndromes like biting off their own tails, being indifferent to people around them, moving up and down at the same place for many number of times throughout the day, and removing their own hair from their coat, and so on. These unnatural tendencies are the result of boredom, and the deprivation of the natural ways of living in the wild. Many a times the keepers of the zoos feel that they are contributing towards the cause of educating the general masses about these rare animals by making them have a feel of the animals, but the question to be asked at this point of time is how can creatures, which are made for the wild ways of life in the jungle, be there to entertain the people.

According to a reliable source, the zoo animals cruelty statistics reveal that if not less, there are as much as five million vertebrate animals, which have been kept bound in the places, which at times are not even in the position to be tagged as zoos, and they are bearing the brunt of not being gifted with the capacity to voice out their concern, and the so called higher humans take delight from viewing them as strange creatures. However, the only silver lining in the cloud are those zoos, which actually and genuinely lease out the money that they gather from the visitors for taking proper care of the mute animals.

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